Located in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe – directly accessible by all carriers

Right in the heart of Europe you’ll find the Swiss canton of Basel-Landschaft. With its Rhine harbour, the EuroAirport, various highways and railways the canton is linked to the sea and most major cities in Europe and throughout the world. Its central location and its many transportation networks make Basel-Landschaft an ideal environment for doing business in a European and international context.

Part of Switzerland – a state that has a lot to offer

The Swiss canton of Basel-Landschaft is part of a state that has a lot to offer to all economic operators: 1. Political framework: Direct democracy, federalism and the active involvement of all major parties in government (also called concordance) make for a highly stable state that distinguishes itself by legal stability and an exceptionally high degree of responsibility borne by the citizens themselves. Switzerland’s political neutrality, combined with its citizen’s army, is a guarantee for peace, independence and safety. 2. Companies and their stakeholders stand to profit from Switzerland’s liberal order, its multicultural society and its low tax rates. 3. Switzerland’s twin-track education system and its educational institutions of world-wide renown are the basis for a society with high levels of educational achievement geared towards a practical application. Switzerland’s infrastructure is also highly developed and very well maintained.

Raymond Weider

Director, Penta-Electric AG

Our new headquarter in Liestal has been realised, thanks to the seamless cooperation of the cantonal and local authorities. The excellent transport connections are an additional asset.

Daniel Schenk

CEO, vanBaerle Group

vanBaerle’s home has been in the canton of Basel-Landschaft for over 130 years. Our new location in Schweizerhalle is ideal for a specialty chemicals manufacturer. Moreover, transport connections to all carriers are very good here.

Thomas Huber


We are located in the municipality of Allschwil. Its high accessibility means that we are able to attract skilled professionals from Germany, France and Switzerland.

Pascal Moritz

General Manager, Glatt Maschinen- und Apparatebau AG

From the canton of Basel-Landschaft into the world – it’s all possible thanks to excellent connections and an attractive environment! Our location meets all the conditions to serve our world-wide customers successfully.

Urs Matter

CEO, Nanosurf AG, Liestal

We are an international high-tech company. As such, we depend on excellent staff, close cooperation with universities, polytechnics and solid transport connections. Liestal offers us ideal surroundings.

The heart of Europe

Easily reachable and internationally connected, Basel-Landschaft offers major competitive advantages to all economic operators. It is an ideal location for company headquarters, logistics groups and trading companies. Distribution and recruiting are easy – France and Germany – are but a stone’s throw away.

Access by port, airport, highway or rail

Basel-Landschaft has excellent transportation links. The Rhine ports in Basel tranship some 6 million metric tons of goods and some 137,000 containers per year. From a quantitative point of view, 8% of Swiss foreign trade passes through these ports. Two major transport routes link Basel-Landschaft to France (axis Bienne-Belfort) and to Germany/the Benelux countries in the north and Italy in the south (A2 highway and intercity rail network). The EuroAirport can be reached in less than 45 minutes from all locations in Basel-Landschaft, with the Zurich airport only an hour away.

Direct connections to major European and international cities

The EuroAirport offers direct flights to some 80 destinations in Europe. Its passenger numbers amount to roughly 8 million per year and it handles about 110,000 metric tons of freight p. a. (about 96,000 flight movements p. a.). Zurich airport, with its direct connections to some 185 destinations all over the world, is also within easy reach. Not only does this framework create favourable conditions for internationally oriented business development, but it has also shaped the mentality of the Basel-Landschaft people: Openness and connectivity with Europe and the world in general are two of their main traits.

Facts and figures (2017)

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  • (Seasonal) direct connections to 80 European destinations
  • Ca. 8 million passengers, ca. 110,000 metric tons of freight (handling capacity: 380,000 metric tonnes) and ca. 96,000 flight movements p. a.
  • Reachable in 45 minutes max. from any location within the canton

Zurich Airport

  • Direct connections to 185 destinations all over the world
  • Ca. 29.5 million passengers, ca. 521,000 metric tons of freight and ca. 270,400 flight movements p. a.
  • Reachable in 60 minutes max. from any location within the canton

Basel Rhine ports

  • Handle 5.8 million metric tons of cargo, about 137,500 (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) p.a.
  • Handling of 8% of the Swiss foreign trade p.a.

Located in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe – directly accessible by all carriers

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