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Here, you can find general information about how to setting up a business in Switzerland and contact details to different point of contacts and authorities of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft.

First steps

How to set up a business in Switzerland- Business plan, social insurance registration (AHV), tax questions and much more.

First steps

The online desk for companies - EasyGov
Free Seminar: How to start a company in Switzerland

Setting up a business as a foreign national

Swiss nationality is not a prerequisite to setting up a business in Switzerland. However, possibilities vary according to the entrepreneur’s country of origin.

Setting up a business as a foreign national

Setting up a business as a cross-border commuter

Here, you will find the main statutory requirements and background information for entrepreneurs who commute across the Swiss border.

Setting up a business as a cross-border commuter

Financial support

The Canton Basel-Landschaft supports two guarantee societies, the BĂĽrgschaftsgenossenschaft fĂĽr KMU, BG Mitte and the BĂĽrgschaftsgenossenschaft fĂĽr Frauen, SAFFA  with the aim to get the SMEs a lighter access to outside capital.


BĂĽrgschaftsgenossenschaft fĂĽr KMU - BG Mitte

The BG-Mitte promotes and support commercial SMEs by backup of risk-afflicted capital.

BG Mitte, BĂĽrgschaftsgenossenschaft fĂĽr KMU
Bahnhofstrasse 59 D
Postfach 1104
3401 Burgdorf
Tel +41 (0)34 420 20 20


SAFFA - BĂĽrgschaftsgenossenschaft fĂĽr Frauen

SAFFA is part of the federal government’s encouragement concept for SMEs. The society exclusively assists women who want to set up their own business.

BĂĽrgschaftsgenossenschaft fĂĽr Frauen SAFFA
Auf der Lyss 14
4051 Basel
Tel +41 (0) 61 683 18 42

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