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A few comments by the companies themselves

The Canton Basel-Landschaft lists among the most important locations for production and research. Numerous companys, both small and large, as well as various family enterprises, have chosen Basel-Landschaft as their headquarters. Companies of international reputation centralise their world-wide operations in the Basel Area. Universities, academies and research institutes attract excellent scientists from all over the world.

Andreas Hasler

CEO Chocolats Halba / Sunray, Coop Division in Pratteln

Since 2017, we have been producing sustainable Swiss chocolate&innovative snacks for our customers around the world at our Pratteln site. Chocolats Halba/Sunray produces about 20K t of Swiss chocolate and 46K t of snacks annually. These are shipped from the site to our national and international customers worldwide. Pratteln is thus the hub of our company, with the perfect means of transportation.

Christoph Schäfer

CEO, CIS Pharma AG

As a globally oriented company in research and development we rely on highly qualified employees, excellent educational institutions and cooperation partners. Our specialized projects as well as our spinoffs find an ideal breeding ground in the regional innovation system.

Urs Matter

CEO, Nanosurf AG, Liestal

We are an international high-tech company. As such, we depend on excellent staff, close cooperation with universities, polytechnics and solid transport connections. Liestal offers us ideal surroundings.

Jan Pranger

COO Custom Manufacturing and Head of the Pratteln location, CABB Group

We are very well integrated into an excellent infrastructure with highly skilled professionals. The fact that the authorities work hand in hand with entrepreneurs and companies also speaks for the Basel region.

Raymond Weider

Director, Penta-Electric AG

Our new headquarter in Liestal has been realised, thanks to the seamless cooperation of the cantonal and local authorities. The excellent transport connections are an additional asset.

Daniel Schenk

CEO, vanBaerle Group

vanBaerle’s home has been in the canton of Basel-Landschaft for over 130 years. Our new location in Schweizerhalle is ideal for a specialty chemicals manufacturer. Moreover, transport connections to all carriers are very good here.

Thomas Huber


We are located in the municipality of Allschwil. Its high accessibility means that we are able to attract skilled professionals from Germany, France and Switzerland.

Michael Brenner

Chief Financial Officer, Weleda AG

Since 1921, we have put down strong roots in the canton of Basel-Landschaft. It is both international and down-to-earth; workers here are well-trained and competent, and the natural surroundings are a major inspiration to us – all of which we very much appreciate.

Pascal Moritz

General Manager, Glatt Maschinen- und Apparatebau AG

From the canton of Basel-Landschaft into the world – it’s all possible thanks to excellent connections and an attractive environment! Our location meets all the conditions to serve our world-wide customers successfully.

Dr. Guido Zimmermann


The professional approach of the regional authorities and their profound knowledge of the chemical/pharmaceuticals industry’s is the Canton Basel-Landschadt for the GETEC PARK.SWISS AG and for the located companies the ideal location.

Erich Mosset

Owner and Member of the Board, Ronda AG

In Basel-Landschaft, we are able to turn our plans for the future into reality. Combined with our production facilities in the Far East, this enables us to hold our own on the world market. Switzerland is and remains an indispensable location, especially where the production of high-end Swiss-made products by experienced workers is concerned.

Edouard H. Viollier

MD, Chairman/CEO, Viollier AG

A stimulating environment for innovative laboratory specialists. A unique location, characterised by its pioneer spirit in the medical field.

Dr. Felix Reiff

Senior Bayer Representative / CEO Bayer Consumer Care AG

Basel is the capital of life sciences in Europe. Its international flair, its solid economic growth, the excellent education system and the high quality of life play an important role in the success of the location.

Dr. Wolfgang Bäcker

Local Head Bayer Crop Science Schweiz AG

The canton of Basel-Landschaft offers a powerful infrastructure for chemical companies, as well as excellently trained specialists.

Marco Streller

Member of the Club Board

Basel-Landschaft and the FCB football club are closely linked by tradition. I was born in Aesch and, therefore, I am very proud that so many famous players originate from both Basel-City and Basel-Landschaft.

Richard Weber

CEO, Rego-Fix AG

All over the world, REGO-FIX tool-holding systems are an epitome for quality «Made in Switzerland». We are proud of our location in Tenniken. Every year, we invest in the latest technologies to maintain our long-term competitiveness and innovation capacities for our international customers.


farmer from Upper Basel-Landschaft, writer of Schnitzelbängg for the Basler Fasnacht

I don’t know what “location” means, that makes me slightly sad. All I can say is, Basel-Land is really not too bad.

Matthias Altendorf

CEO, Endress+Hauser Group

Endress+Hauser’s home is the world. But our roots are in Basel-Landschaft. Here, people know how to work with borders and how to push boundaries – both physical and mental.

René Fässler

Chief Executive Officer, Ernst Selmoni AG

The Agency for Economic Development Basel-Landschaft has done its very best to help us find an industrial site. Its representatives provided us with crucial information and furthermore they were a real support throughout the application procedure.

Hans-Jörg Fankhauser


Tomorrow’s society needs space for economic growth in a technological change as well as space to live, that adapts to various needs. Basel-Landschaft is a launching pad for successful companies and a wonderful place to live!