Diversity and economic weight – the Basel Area and its expansion

Basel-Landschaft comprises various distinctive sub-regions that offer space for a balanced economic expansion of the Basel area in conjunction with proportionate land-use planning.

Space for economic expansion

Basel-Landschaft is a growth region. Many districts of the metropolitan centre Basel-Stadt Area, Basel-Landschaft’s direct neighbour, have already reached capacity. Basel-Landschaft’s economic areas that are available for use amount to some 500,000 sqm all over the canton. Furthermore, some 830 hectares (about 12%) of a total of 7,100 hectares of zoned land have not yet been developed. Basel-Landschaft has a lot to offer for companies in search of locations.

Hans-Jörg Fankhauser


Tomorrow’s society needs space for economic growth in a technological change as well as space to live, that adapts to various needs. Basel-Landschaft is a launching pad for successful companies and a wonderful place to live!

Distinctive sub-regions

Basel-Landschaft consists of distinctive sub-regions: the Laufen valley (Laufental), the Leimen valley (Leimental), the Birs valley (Birstal), the Rhine valley (Rheintal) and the Upper Basel Region (Oberes Baselbiet). The Birs, Leimen and Rhine valleys share borders with the canton of Basel-City. Oriented towards the city, they offer all advantages of a greater metropolitan area such as excellent transport connections, broad and diverse job offerings, rich recreational, cultural and health-related opportunities and numerous day care centres for children. On the other hand, the Laufental and the Upper Basel Region boast charming towns and villages with a comparatively low cost of living, calmness, nature, autonomy and a closely-knit society.

District data Basel-Landschaft

In coordination with land-use planning

Over 1,000 urban and rural homes are built every year in Basel-Landschaft. Future dwellers have manifold choices: from pretty villages to charming towns and the vibrant Basel agglomeration. To maintain this high quality of life, Basel-Landschaft carefully and sustainably plans its spatial development and land-use.

Facts and figures (2017)

  • Over 500,000 sqm available for economic development
  • Some 830 hectares of undeveloped land within the official building zones
  • A great variety of premises: Studios/offices, retail and commercial spaces, warehousing and transhipment areas, production areas, spaces available for temporary use, residential areas, zoned-in and undeveloped land.