The best of both worlds

People in the Basel region can choose between a lively urban lifestyle or rural seclusion – with regard to where they live, where they spend their leisure time, and where they enjoy their sports and cultural activities. Only a few kilometres lie between the pulsating urban areas of Basel and the picturesque Jura uplands with magnificent views of mountain peaks, golden vineyards, picture-book villages and charming towns.

Bespoke residential accommodationUrban living in the countryside

Each year, over a thousand new homes are created in and around Basel. The diverse residential options available mean that families can choose between life in a pretty village in the countryside, a charming small town, or in one of Basel's pulsating urban areas. Shopping facilities, schools, excellent healthcare and a dense public transport network make for a high standard of living across all locations. The city of Basel on the Rhine is not far away and can be reached in no time at all, even from quite secluded areas.

Pure relaxationIntact nature, mild climate

Picturesque Jura landscape with blossoming cherry trees and a view out across the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. The Waterfall Cable Car carries visitors up into one of the region's most beautiful natural recreation areas with a dense network of hiking paths. Basel area residents take pride in maintaining an unspoiled natural environment and keeping their surroundings clean and tidy. Not just the inhabitants of the Basel area, but the vines as well benefit from the mild climate and abundant sunshine, with a Pinot Noir from Muttenz selected as one of the best in the world.

Culture and leisure timeExperiences and inspiration within easy reach

The slogan of the Baselland tourist department is "A surprising discovery". The cultural agenda and the range of sporting and leisure activities knows no bounds. One place of interest is the Roman town of Augusta Raurica which provides an exciting glimpse into the life of the Romans – including an amphitheatre. Excavations are still being carried out here, and every year the 'Römerfest' festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors. And the entire region profits from the flair of 'Art Basel', the city's international art festival.

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Extensive system of educationEverything you need for a successful future

The canton boasts an excellent state-run school system with a solid and comprehensive range of learning options. The fundamental premise of the education system is to enable all individuals to play an active and enduring part in the social, economic and cultural life of the canton. Alongside this, there are many private schools offering all courses up to Matura, Switzerland's general qualification for university entrance, including the International School Basel (ISB). From kindergarten to a university of international standing, from solid vocational training to life-long learning: the Basel region has everything you could possibly need for a successful future.

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First-class healthTop-notch healthcare

With the Cantonal Hospital Baselland at three locations (Liestal, Laufen and Bruderholz), several private clinics and a comprehensive range of healthcare services in the principal city of Basel, basic healthcare within the region is first class and readily available. At 82.6 years, life expectancy in Switzerland is the second highest in the world – only the Japanese live longer.

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International flairAn open, multilingual society

Most of the Basel population speaks at least one foreign language in addition to German – usually English or French. Swiss children start to learn these two foreign languages while at primary school. Because of the canton's location at the border triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany, its international connections and sizeable expatriate community, English has an important place in business life. But many other languages are spoken in the canton as well, as the employment market is truly international.

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Switzerland is a safe country. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the fact that members of the federal and cantonal governments as well as CEOs travel to work by tram or on the train. Even global celebrities are able to move about with comparative freedom in Switzerland, unmolested and, as a rule, without personal security. Swiss parents are happy to let their children travel on their own from home to kindergarten or primary school.

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