Short commutes, excellent transport connections, and well-diversified housing make the Basel Area a great place to live and work.

Basel-Landschaft offers short commutes between the various metropolitan, urban or rural living and residential areas and workplaces. The excellent price-quality ratio, the beautiful, varied landscape of the Jura mountains and the Rhine river, the vibrant social and cultural life and the user-friendly transport connections throughout the canton and into the adjacent canton of Basel-City make for a remarkably attractive environment.

Short commutes link rural, urban and metropolitan living spaces to the workplace

Short commutes in Basel-Landschaft support a healthy work-life-balance for its inhabitants. The canton offers a whole array of residential surroundings, from urban districts around Basel to smaller towns such as Liestal and Laufen and rural landscapes in the south of the canton. Basel-City and its surrounding business and industrial zone on the Swiss, French and German side of the border are but a comfortable commute away – an attractive location factor for employees and those seeking work in the region.

Michael Brenner

Chief Financial Officer, Weleda AG

Since 1921, we have put down strong roots in the canton of Basel-Landschaft. It is both international and down-to-earth; workers here are well-trained and competent, and the natural surroundings are a major inspiration to us – all of which we very much appreciate.

Dr. Felix Reiff

Senior Bayer Representative / CEO Bayer Consumer Care AG

Basel is the capital of life sciences in Europe. Its international flair, its solid economic growth, the excellent education system and the high quality of life play an important role in the success of the location.

Distinctive landscapes

The Rhine river is one of the longest in Europe. For thousands of years, it has shaped the northern part of the canton, and for hundreds of years, it has marked the Swiss border. Its broad riverbanks are followed by metropolitan and urban areas. Finally, the hills and mountains of the Jura massif with its broad valleys, its farms, woods and rocks make for a Swiss idyll at its purest. Basel-Landschaft’s distinctive climate is also due to the Jura massif and the Rhine valley:  It is clearly milder and sunnier than in German-speaking Switzerland in general. Therefore, excellent wine has been grown here for centuries: One of the best Pinot noirs in the world is grown near Muttenz.

A rich, vibrant social and cultural life

The metropolitan centre in the North and the rural districts in the South, each have a charm of their own. In between, delightful smaller towns and enchanting villages can be found, each of them with its own cultural traditions. Cinemas, theatres, art galleries and small museums offer a variety of interesting activities. Every year, the beginning of the local carnival is marked by the Liestal “Chienbäse” fire ceremony. The night before the world-famous Basel carnival officially begins, a procession of people carries burning bundles of pinewood chips (called Chienbäse, the Alemannic German for "pinewood besom") through the medieval town centre, entering through the city gate from the south. In more recent times, the Chienbäse has been augmented with carts carrying bonfires, with flames often reaching as high as the houses. The parade is attended by thousands of spectators from Switzerland and countries around the globe, closely packed on both sides of the small streets.  Late in summer, the thousands of years old Roman town of Augusta Raurica hosts the largest Roman festival in Switzerland. More than 20,000 enthusiastic visitors come to see how Roman gladiators, legionnaires, artisans and tradespeople used to live. Basel-Landschaft also boasts many lively associations offering sports and/or social and cultural events. The canton’s capital alone (population about 15,000) counts 161 such associations.

Excellent transport connections

Basel-Landschaft has excellent transportation links. From any location in the canton, Basel-City can be reached in a drive of less than 30 minutes. Those who rely on public transport enjoy equally short commutes from most parts of Basel-Landschaft. And, of course, those who want to temporarily leave the city for some rural rest and recreation are able to do so comfortably, as distances are short. The A2 highway and the intercity train connections mean that the rest of Switzerland can be reached easily. Access to the North-South transport axis that links Germany and the Benelux countries to Italy is also a given.

Short commutes, excellent transport connections, and well-diversified housing make the Basel Area a great place to live and work, whatever the demands.

©Guido Schärli