An administration that is committed to the world-class economy, attractive fiscal conditions

The cantonal administration is committed to supporting a world-class economy. Working closely with local and global companies, it is geared towards efficient solutions. Moreover, Basel-Landschaft offers attractive fiscal conditions to legal entities.

Its administration is committed both to supporting a world-class economy and to working closely with business circles and is geared towards efficient solutions

The Basel-Landschaft administration is committed to furthering a world-class economy and views itself as an efficient provider of services. The fiscal administration, with its quick and exemplary tax rulings on mergers, conversions, demergers, land sales and international tax matters, is a perfect illustration of this attitude. Businesses can count on quick, reliable answers to their tax questions.

Working in close contact with the local businesses, the cantonal government council ensures that the current business-friendly tax and administration framework remains sustainable.

Jan Pranger

COO Custom Manufacturing and Head of the Pratteln location, CABB Group

We are very well integrated into an excellent infrastructure with highly skilled professionals. The fact that the authorities work hand in hand with entrepreneurs and companies also speaks for the Basel region.

Dr. Dieter Regnat


The professional approach of the regional authorities and their profound knowledge of the chemical/pharmaceuticals industry’s is the Canton Basel-Landschadt for the GETEC PARK.SWISS AG and for the located companies the ideal location.

René Fässler

Chief Executive Officer, Ernst Selmoni AG

The Agency for Economic Development Basel-Landschaft has done its very best to help us find an industrial site. Its representatives provided us with crucial information and furthermore they were a real support throughout the application procedure.

Raymond Weider

Director, Penta-Electric AG

Our new headquarter in Liestal has been realised, thanks to the seamless cooperation of the cantonal and local authorities. The excellent transport connections are an additional asset.

Attractive fiscal conditions

The Basel-Landschaft corporate tax rates are very attractive as compared to most other countries and moderate as compared to the rest of Switzerland. The planned corporate tax reform (SV17) is bound to make fiscal conditions even more attractive. Unlike many other cantons, Basel-Landschaft does not tax real estate nor trade income. It offers specific advantages and incentives to companies, including a generous tax treatment of reserves accrued to finance fundamental research. The cantonal government is set on preserving this business-friendly tax climate to secure the canton’s competitive position.

An administration that is committed to the world-class economy, attractive fiscal conditions

Source: BAK Taxation Index 2017