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Moderate tax regimeSpecific benefits for companies

By international standards, the canton of Basel-Landschaft operates a highly attractive tax regime, and compared to the rest of Switzerland a moderate one. Unlike other cantons, Basel-Landschaft has neither real property tax nor a cantonal trade tax. It offers companies specific advantages and incentives, including a generous approach to provisions for basic research. Thanks to two corporate tax reforms in recent years, companies now pay noticeably less tax and have been relieved of considerable administrative burden. And since the family tax reform implemented in 2007, families also pay substantially less tax than before. The government promotes a favourable tax climate in the interests of competitiveness.

The tax administration of the canton of Basel-Landschaft sees itself as a service provider. It provides binding preliminary tax decisions in the case of restructuring, mergers and demergers, land transactions and international matters. so that you can obtain reliable tax information and legal certainty.

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