A healthy mix of sectors – proactively promoting business

Within Switzerland, Basel-Landschaft is among the most competitive cantons. In recent decades, the canton of Basel-Landschaft has become an important centre for business and research. Besides key sectors such as life sciences (pharma, chemicals, medtech), precision engineering and logistics and transport, the canton boasts a healthy, diverse, and inspirational mix of industries with a highly international character.

Forward-looking members of the cantonal government, backed by a parliament that understands and champions business, ensure that the general climate is conducive to success.

The door is always openDirect point of contact for companies

For you, as an entrepreneur or investor, the Economic Development Baselland Welcome Desk is the first point of contact. The Welcome Desk can help simplify administrative procedures and provide companies looking to set up business in the region with support in all official matters.

  • We can answer any questions you may have on business matters and the Basel region
  • We can show you what land and real estate are currently available
  • We can make it easier for you to set up your business and settle in the canton
  • We can help you through the administrative procedures
  • We can put you in touch with people who will help you with technical issues

Even the tax administration and other agencies dealing with companies see themselves as service providers.

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Moderate tax regimeSpecific benefits for companies

By international standards, the canton of Basel-Landschaft operates a highly attractive tax regime, and compared to the rest of Switzerland a moderate one. Unlike other cantons, Basel-Landschaft has neither real property tax nor a cantonal trade tax. It offers companies specific advantages and incentives, including a generous approach to provisions for basic research. Thanks to two corporate tax reforms in recent years, companies now pay noticeably less tax and have been relieved of considerable administrative burden. And since the family tax reform implemented in 2007, families also pay substantially less tax than before. The government promotes a favourable tax climate in the interests of competitiveness.

The tax administration of the canton of Basel-Landschaft sees itself as a service provider. It provides binding preliminary tax decisions in the case of restructuring, mergers and demergers, land transactions and international matters. so that you can obtain reliable tax information and legal certainty.

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Business-oriented governmentPrudent managers

Against a backdrop of intense competition between locations, the government of Basel-Landschaft can provide export-oriented sectors with high added value and resident SMEs a perfect environment in which to trade, a key component of which is the moderate tax regime. In addition, the government regularly interacts directly with local companies.

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Strong business associationsBusiness has a voice

Strong business associations in both Basel cantons ensure that the concerns of business are addressed in policy and heard by the general public.

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Advantages of Switzerland as a place to do businessLegal certainty in a high-quality location

Businesses in the Basel region benefit from a stable legal environment and other advantages specific to Switzerland: high job satisfaction, high level of productivity, low unemployment, moderate social security costs, low taxes, political stability, clean environment, safety and security, and top-notch infrastructure, to name but a few.

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